Very Professional and Responsive

A number of people recommended Positive Electric to help upgrade my electric panel in advance of installing an in-ground pool. When I explained what I was looking for, Positive Electric explained that such a major upgrade was not necessary to achieve what I wanted. I really appreciate the honesty--they could just have easily sold me a very expensive service that I didn't need. I will definitely go to them for future projects.
Brandon Frank

Trustworthy and Always Provide Impeccable Work

I have used them many times because the quality of work is impeccable. I'm able to relax knowing the work is done right and that I can trust the electrician responsible. I know they're local and family owned, which makes me feel good about hiring in my community. I've recommended them to several family members.
Jenn Lockhart

The Best Electrical Company in Dayton!

Positive Electric is one of the best electrical company in Dayton. They are punctually and very responsive. I have worked with Positive Electric with my company (Ryan Homes) and their work is top notch. Not only do they have a friendly and professional staff but they are willing to go above and beyond for my company and customers.
Heyyoung White

Reasonable Price and Professional

Did awesome work...very professional and the price was reasonable. Would definitely recommend...very quick also
Todd Brophy

Professional and Quick!

This past spring we had an outlet come loose in our master bathroom. The whole wall is a mirror and this outlet was located in the lower section of the mirror. Regardless, we weren’t sure how to prevent the outlet from falling back into the wall.

Positive electric came out during the beginning of the pandemic. They were professional and quick, which was greatly appreciated as the mirrored edges were exposed and we were without an outlet for our blow dryers.
Dawn Becker